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    Unlikely Origins: The Humble Beginnings of Today’s Tech Titans

    Exploring the Tech-Savvy WondersThe delineation between digital and physical continues to blur, weaving a fabric of reality that resonates with the beats of progress. Within this exciting nexus, entre...

    by • 07 Feb 2024

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    Foto: Heru Patria


    Selembar daun pisang tempat kita berlindung dari curah hujan pada suatu siang bertahun silam di bawah selembar daun pisang hijau dua hati bertal...

    11 Mei 2024

    Power Up: Advanced Charging Solutions and Batte...

    Smart Homes: Beyond Automation to AnticipationIf 2023 could be summarized in the gadget space, it would be the year where our homes started trul...

    07 Feb 2024

    Israel-Hamas war live updates: Anti-U.S. opinio...

    President Joe Biden was visiting Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, on a campaign stop today when a group of war protester...

    07 Feb 2024

    The Best Productivity Tools for Remote Work

    As the timeline of technology perpetually accelerates, 2023 emerges as a testament to human creativity and ingenuity. The realm of gadgets is no...

    07 Feb 2024

    Israeli hostage freed by Hamas says ‘time...

    TEL AVIV — Yocheved Lifshitz, one of the first Israeli hostages released by Hamas, took the world by surprise in late October when she shook t...

    07 Feb 2024
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